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    Lacreshea Prude

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    Finding your personal style can be an elusive and evolving process, but there’s no denying the power and euphoria of stepping out with confidence when you know you’ve nailed your look!

    For some of us it’s a signature item – think Jackie O and her oversize sunglasses, Marilyn’s love affair with the color white, or Audrey Hepburn’s signature black dress.  If you have a go-to that always feels right, build around it.

    Is there something people always seem to compliment you on when you wear it?  Whether it’s your accessory game, your ability to style a dress and make it yours, or something else, these are the strengths you should build into your always evolving personal style.

    Think about your style personality.  And if you’re like me, on a given day your personality may venture into another look altogether!  But the look that always feels right and dominates most of your wardrobe is probably a good indicator of where you align. 

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    Wäre Rare brand was created for the modern contemporary women. She loves to enjoy the fruit of her labor...She has the irresistible desire to look good and feel good.  She works hard, and most of all.. She enjoys life... She is Very different & most will even say that She is Wäre Rare!  Rare clothing is what we specialize in.  We here at Wäre Rare like to embrace our differences. We believe our style is a reflection of our personality. Thanks for shopping with our brand.