What's your fashion story? Is it Wäre Rare?

How Can I Tell a Story Through My Clothes?

 What we wear can have a lot to say about who we are. It’s a powerful experience when we wear clothes that tell a story or make a statement.

Most of the time, unfortunately, the meaning isn’t clear to all who see your outfit–Often times leading to misconceptions based off of stereotypes. Which sucks. This can’t be permanently changed unless people are willing to learn to understand each other and not rely on preconceived ideas. Though my mission is to inspire people to look deeper and seek to understand people beyond their first impression, it’s important to acknowledge that this doesn’t come easy in our society.

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Wäre Rare

Wäre Rare brand was created for the modern contemporary women. She loves to enjoy the fruit of her labor...She has the irresistible desire to look good and feel good.  She works hard, and most of all.. She enjoys life... She is Very different & most will even say that She is Wäre Rare!  Rare clothing is what we specialize in.  We here at Wäre Rare like to embrace our differences. We believe our style is a reflection of our personality. Thanks for shopping with our brand. 


Upgrade your wardrobe with our versatile and stylish palazzo pants. These pants feature a wide leg fashion look that is both comfortable and on-trend. The belt loops add a touch of sophistication, while the big front cargo pocket adds a functional and fashionable element.


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